About Nightlife


Nightlife has been together and actively playing the tri-state area for well over 10 years.  Its members, from left to right, include Eric, Lou and Mike.

Eric, drums and vocals, and a founding member of Nightlife, has been playing professionally since he was a teenager.  He was a founding member of recording acts Some Red and Joey Ferra and the Nightriders. Eric has also played with various local cover bands, including Mixed Emotions and Target.

Lou is the newest addition, on lead guitar and vocals.  He started singing and playing the guitar at 10 years old. After hearing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, he knew he would be playing guitar for the rest of his life. Lou played at many popular area clubs in the 1970’s. During this time, he hooked up with a talented area drummer, Jim Sylvia, who was at the forefront of the local rock music scene in the 1960’s & ‘70s. Jim has remained a life long friend. Lou switched from lead guitar to bass guitar in 1982. He played country & western music until he co-founded the rock band, the Weirnott Brothers. Lou then joined a local oldies band, and he played with them throughout the 1990’s. The year 2000 saw Lou return to his first love, lead guitar. Lou is currently rockin’ local night spots with the power trio called “Nightlife.”

Mike, bass and vocals.  Mike has been playing bass in local bands since the early 70’s.  His initial experience was primarily with R&B and Classic Rock bands.  In the 80’s, Mike held down the bass chair with the well known GB function band, Celebrate.  After Celebrate disbanded in 1989, Mike toured with Full House.  Before joining Nightlife, Mike played with Gina and The Blues Thieves.  Musically well versed, Mike brings a variety of styles to the table.  His energetic playing often results in an infectious groove.

For Bookings call Eric at 401-837-4988
or email wingraham1951@gmail.com


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